Managing in Complex Dynamic Environments

Managin in today’s complex and dynamic environment requires a paradigm shift in management thinking. We believe that management practices need to move away from predictive and prescriptive models for future decisions based on past experiences. Our approach is to push control downward into the organization, providing employees with a clearly articulated vision and the information and resources they need to effect local changes in the system. By trusting the insights of those nearest the organizations core, an organization-wide intelligence is brought to bear that ultimately produces emergent systems that are far more effective than formally controlled ones.

Management Framework

The framework for effective management focuses on core values and essential management principles rather than organisation hierarchy or structure. By using these basic principles as a guide, and by encouraging the whole system to participate, a new operational outlook can emerge that is can best use the strength of the organisation.

The key management principles identified as part our effective management framework are:

  •  A shared vision and a focus on core values
  •  Greater openness
  • Participative leadership approach
  • Greater commitment to development and training of staff
  • Greater commitment to communication and information sharing
  • Decentralised operations with devolved power and responsibility
  • Greater commitment to team working and diversity