Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder engagement is key to the success of any project and a systematic, structured plan and process are pre-requisites for success.

It is worth re-stating the benefits of strong stakeholder management:

     ?   Maximising the likelihood of the project success

     ?   Early and proactive management of potential risk

     ?   Active use of business knowledge to inform programme planning and implementation

     ?   Timely input to workstream and project activities

     ?   Building on the formal, and informal, influence of key stakeholders

     ?   Increasing ability to monitor and manage the ‘softer’ aspects of the changes

In all our projects we seek to ensure that stakeholders are genuinely aligned and committed, rather than passive or acquiescent.

The process for identifying and managing stakeholders is relatively straightforward in itself – the challenge frequently comes in the discipline of sticking to stakeholder plans and monitoring progress.   A stakeholder dashboard enables the management of stakeholder communications through the categorisation of stakeholders according to their level of impact and influence, as well as their current levels of engagement. We have a wide selection of tools and templates that we would bring to assist with this process of engagement.