Corporate Approach




Corporate beliefs and values will guide people’s behaviour and work conduct into achieving the desired results. We firmly believe in creating an environment where information is easily shared, where there is openness and emphasis on relationship and a connection with what already exists. We continually strife to deliver independent, focused and professional service to our clients. The following values are key to our ability to deliver this:

Independence – Nicoms Limited is a totally independent organization with no contractual ties to a particular service or product.


Bespoke Solutions – Our staff have experience of working in a wide range of public and private sector organizations. This allows us to provide industry-focused approaches where assignments are staffed by individuals who have an in-depth understanding of our clients industry. We understand that each of our client’s situation, environment and issues are unique and therefore we provide tailored solutions that meet their specific needs.


Delivering Value – Organizations have their own definition of what values is in their context and environment. We work in collaboration with our clients and combine business strategy, business process, and information technology to provide high-value solutions to our clients.


Quality – Quality underpins everything we do. We firmly believe quality needs to be embedded in the organizational culture and cannot be inspected in at a later stage.


Diversity – We celebrate diversity both in society and within our organization. It creates empathy, enhances tolerance and improves communication. Managed properly, we believe that our approach to diversity and multiculturalism provides us with a competitive advantage and in our experience leads to higher levels of productivity and lower levels of turnover and absenteeism.


Environmentally conscious