Devon and Cornwall Constabulary Transformation Programme




For the Devon and Cornwall Constabulary, we developed the organisational transformation strategy and programme to develop a more ‘services orientated’ approach with focus on public satisfaction and to move the force to be one of the top performing police services in the country. As part of the work we developed the contact management strategy, operational policing model as well as the overall business case for programme delivery and implementation. As part of out engagement we:


  • Helped define the vision for the constabulary
  • Reviewed, rationalised and prioritised projects to align to the overall visions.
  • Developed benefits management framework
  • Designed the programme and the governance structure
  • Developed  Business case for the programme
  • Developed business change strategy


We developed the contact management strategy for Devon and Cornwall Police Authority to ensure that engagement with the public is in line with their priorities and expectations, and that it operates in, as efficient and effective manner as possible. We undertook an ‘as is’ assessment as well as options for change and the recommended ‘to be’ position


We designed a holistic business change strategy for an organisational transformation programme. We ensured that the cumulative impact of the numerous change initiatives within their overall business environment were indentified and clearly understood.