Command, Control, Communication and Information (C3i) Programme


The C3i Programme has been the largest business change programme ever handled by the MPS. Responding to a range of business drivers and a fundamental need to improve the MPS’s capacity and flexibility to respond to requests for assistance from the people of London, this organisational change programme is an essential part of the MPS’s modernisation process.


The Programme’s mission was to deliver an organisation-wide change programme that underpinned the MPS’s key modernisation initiative. Specifically the C3i Programme set out to:

 ?   Modernise and improve the MPS communications service to the public

?   To ensure a more effective and efficient use of the policing resources

?   Redesign the overall command and control processes for the MPS

?   Support officers with better information, smarter deployment and improved officer’s safety

?   Optimise resources, bringing together people, technology, process and information.



The functional scope and the deliverables for the C3i Programme were:


?   Redesigned Command and Control function within the MPS

?   A new Operational Command Unit (Central Communications Command)

?   Casualty Bureau Facility

?   Development of the largest Critical Incident Management Facility (CIMF)

?   Integrated borough operations to provide local content




Along with developing new business processes with the associated build up of staff capabilities, the C3i Programme also support this new way of doing business through an integrated suite of technologies that include:

 ?   Systems Integration / Implementation

?   Integrated Communications Control System

?   New secure radio System

?   Contact Handling System

?   Command and Control System

?   Corporate Information systems

?   Corporate Mapping systems

?   Enhanced CCTV systems

?   Mobile Data systems

?   Workforce Management and Duties Planning



System Integration

Critical to the success of the programme was the management of the system integration effort. This brought together multiple systems and platforms to deliver a solution for the MPS. Central to the system integration activity was the integration and fusion of data and information from multiple channels and delivery systems to provide a single composite picture of the operational environment that can be used to make both strategic and tactical decisions.


Nicoms Role in the C3i Programme

Our support was critical to the successful delivery of the MPS C3i Programme. We provided support in a number of key areas within the programme including Programme management, technology, business change and process re-engineering. We had direct responsibility for the overall management and delivery of the C3i / Airwave Programme;


  • Overall management of the programme to ensure that all delivery milestones are met in time


  • Supporting the development of overall project plans and resource plan.


  • Monitoring programme performance against agreed milestones


  • Managing implementation and delivery of business systems into service


  • Developing and understanding the timelines for delivery and project dependencies


  • Ensure that work strands within the programme (including business change, HR, transitions, business processes, technology projects) deliver against their timescales


  • Development of the new Central Communication Command Operational Unit


  • Managing external suppliers to ensure technology delivery


  • Interfacing with senior internal and external stakeholders.


  • Ensure that the programme deliveries within the agreed financial envelope.