Regional Centre for Information Communication Technology (CICT) – Bahrain


The Regional Centre for Information Communication Technology (CICT) in Bahrain aims at promoting regional cooperation amongst Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and Yemen, the centre will serve the ICT needs of the region by building local capacity and capability to produce a home grown ICT industry fully capable of fulfilling the local needs.

The programme objective is to contribute to development of the Arab region by harnessing the power of ICTs for creating capacity in knowledge sharing and acquisition through the establishment of a knowledge hub for the six member states of the cooperation council for the Arab state of the Gulf (GCC) and Yemen:


  • Fostering creativity, innovation and practical implementations of ICTs towards capacity-building and lifelong professional skills development.

  • Enabling design, development, effective production, and dissemination of knowledge products for sustainable development,

  • Promoting the creation and dissemination of Arabic digital content,

  • Facilitating the consolidation of resources, know-how and private sector contributions towards ICT applications,