Managing Complex Change Programmes 

Large, complex programmes are widely recognised as vital for delivering effective organisation transformation. However, they also present organisations with some of their most difficult challenges. WhiSustainable Successle the disciplines of programme management have matured, failure rates consistently tell a different story. In fact, a recent survey of government transformation programmes identified that outcomes from 65% were unsatisfactory.

We believe successful programme management is about more than methodology, it is primarily about people. Delivering in complex and dynamic environments requires us to move on from structures and processes and look at empowering the people that are involved in the programme. This underpins our approach to programme management. We will work with you to shape the programmes by ensuring that they align with the corporate strategy and the organisation delivery capability. We can help you deliver strategic programmes that allow you to exploit market change in a controlled way, gaining competitive advantage and minimising operational risk.

We will work with you to develop a more holistic approach to managing complex change programmes that has clarity of vision and leadership, engagement of staff and all key stakeholders where everyone understands their role and purpose in the change initiative and has clarity about how they contribute to the overall transformation programme.  We will work with you to develop a benefits management framework to ensure that benefits are identified early and that processes are put in place for benefit realisation.