Operational Risk Management


In today’s complex environment you cannot rely upon increased controls, excessive monitoring, or strict procedures for effective risk management. Companies need to have a strategic vision, establish a risk management culture, develop and train the staff, and put in place enterprise-wide systems that provide effective performance monitoring. In short, organizations need to establish environments that are conducive to effective managing risk while retaining creativity and innovation. 


We have developed a risk management framework that can be tailored to our clients needs to help us:  


  • Ensure that the organization identifies and understands all the risks involved in its activities and consciously identifies the risks it wants to adopt and those it wants to offload.

  • Ensure that there are effective and efficient risk management processes.

  • Ensure that there is timely and accurate information is available such that sound risk management decisions can be made.

  • Ensure that the organization complies with the various government and regulatory bodies.


One of the key areas of expertise for Nicoms Limited is risk management, particularly managing Operation Risk. Amanat Hussain, managing Director of Nicoms Limited , has written a book titled “Managing Operational Risk for Financial Markets“.


Nicoms Limited has developed a methodology for managing project and programme risk