Developing Capability

We will work with you to develop you staff through formal knowledge transfer approaches so that Strategic and Operational Excellence initial produces sustainable benefits. We have, through our partnership with the Chartered Management Institute, developed a series of training programmes tStrategic and Operational Excellence - Developing Capabilityhat offer a flexible approach to meet your staff development needs.  Our flexible approach to training and development will allow us to meet the immediate needs of your staff to deliver the programme within the context of a longer-term programme for on-going development of you staff.

Our Strategic Leadership and Management , Innovation and Change and Public Services Leadership programmes are aimed at developing your managers and senior executives to ensure that they are able to optimise the performance of your organisation and deliver the benefits from this strategic initiative.

All our training and development programmes are accredited by the Chartered Management Institute.

We can provide strategic coaches to help your senior executives improve their job performance by working on short- and long- term goals. The ultimate goal is to increase productivity and personal development. Specifically we can help define strategies for personal learning and development and provide support through:    

  • Coaching – helping review experience, draw conclusions, and plan new action
  • Counselling – listening to difficulties, exploring options, and helping the individual to resolve issues
  • Consulting  – Questioning and making suggestions, helping individual understand the problem, consider possibilities and outcomes, and reach a sound decision