We are at a tipping point in the evolution of business and governments. Technologies are becoming interconnected, they are talking to each other. From mobile handsets talking to financial systems to power grids talking to homes. This is leading to people consuming services in ways that they never have before. People and technology are creating a momentum of change. This momentum of change will lead to a fundamental shift in your business models.

This is creating an era of :

working smarter

operating smarter

doing smart business

Only smart businesses will survive in this smart world, the question is are you ready?

Advising network operators, content aggregators and equipment manufacturers, Nicoms Consulting Group’s work extends from creating business and operational strategies, through to the implementation of major improvement programmes as well as the design and development of new products and technologies.

Strong performance within the CME sector depends on aligning new technologies with buying behaviour, retaining customers’ spend and finding ways to streamline operations – all within a shifting regulatory and competitive landscape. As the evolution of technology quickens, debt capital dries up and customers become more fickle, deriving ongoing value is no doubt a strategic challenge.

As one of the most enterprising and successful CME advisers, Nicoms transforms organisations by offering our expertise:

Enabling smart communications

Communications, media and entertainment sector has been at the forefront of the changes driven by tech savvy consumers in a smart world. The new business models being forced on the music industry  means that business models have fundamentally changed and incumbents are highly at risk. How can the communication, media and entertainment sector realise the opportunities of a smart world?

Creating a smart businesses

It is vital that comNicomsnies recognise and react appropriately to this changed world. The threats it presents are great but so are the opportunities. It can offer access to new markets and the ability to realise efficiencies. Those who do not keep up will see their business models fade and fail. Only smart businesses will survive in this smart World, question is are you ready?

Achieving smart IT infrastructure

From existing infrastructure that we take for granted, to the new technologies of tomorrow, it’s the intelligent adoption and integration of technology that is key to meet the new way we do business; not implementing technology in isolation. Can you use your infrastructure to meet the constantly changing needs of a smart world?

Creating smart technology and innovation

Nicoms designs and develops solutions for leading system standards including all necessary hardware, software and casework. Our expertise in this area has led to the creation of the first Vodafone-only branded handset.

Becoming a smart city

Renovating existing cities and cultivating new ones is now taking place at an unprecedented scale. ICT infrastructure needs to be integrated into the changing city, creating a Smart City. This will enhance the lives of citizens, encourage businesses to invest and create a sustainable urban environment.