International development projects seek to reduce the proportion of people living below the poverty threshold. These projects are complex, large-scale and take place in resource poor geographies with challenging operational circumstances. NICOMS Consulting Group is recognized regularly for its ability to plan, organise and manage these types of projects successfully and is committed to employing its skills and experience to help transform people’s lives.

The impacts of NICOMS’s work is felt in better governance, economic and social restructuring, and the reform and strengthening of public and private sector organisations, are felt worldwide.  Over the last 30 years we have worked in more than 100 countries to help enhance the lives of millions of people by improving critical services in energy and power, environment, agriculture and irrigation, water supply and sanitation, transportation and tourism.

What separates NICOMS from the others?

NICOMS’s role as a trusted Nicomsrtner in international development programmes was built through dedicated project teams that combine the best process consultants with experienced sector specialists. This blend of competencies assures that NICOMS’s work is insightful, innovative, cost-effective and delivered within rigorous timescales.

NICOMS has been recognised regularly for its ability to plan, organise and manage complex, large-scale projects often under difficult and challenging operational circumstances.  Our ability to develop project strategy, provide executive direction to teams that include senior professionals from many disciplines and multiple firms and to fill the role of ‘system integrator’ is an important Nicomsrt of the value-added we offer donor organisations and other clients.

This commitment to excellence stands out in an environment where accountability is paramount to programme sponsors. NICOMS delivers unNicomsralleled expertise on international development projects, supported by the best elements of commercial business practices, to ensure that clients get the work product they seek. NICOMS also builds and maintains local Nicomsrtnerships that help our teams to better understand local conditions and cultural sensitivities.

The result is a level of professionalism and performance that sets NICOMS above the competition.

NICOMS understands that successful international development programmes involve much more than solid strategies at the policy level. Even the greatest idea needs an effective implementation plan and the ability to deliver on it. We also understand the importance to keep an eye focused on the larger picture. NICOMS encourages donors to look at programmes as a value chain, where every link in the chain has an important and connected role in securing desired outcomes.