Organisations across the transport sector face real challenges of changing patterns of demand, huge pressures on operating costs and considerable doubt about future investment plans. Addressing these challenges in the transport context has the added complexity that any solution must be sustainable from both the business and an environmental perspective.

NICOMS Consulting Group have successfully worked within all areas of the sector – governments, regulators, service operators and infrastructure providers – to help organisations address these issues, define long-term strategy, optimise investment plans, launch new services, reduce operational costs and improve customer services.

We have:

worked with clients including the Department for Transport, BA, Highways Agency, Maersk, Transport for London, BAA and Swiss Railways to help them deliver multi-partner complex ‘technology rich’ programmes and projects in road traffic management, smart ticketing, rail signalling and airport developments. See more on our wireless technology solutions for the transport sector.

applied our strategic understanding and modelling capabilities to advise companies such as Airbus, Maersk and Transport for London to make multi-million pound investment decisions.

brought together our business and technology capabilities to enable airlines, train operators, ports operators and road agencies, such as the Highways Agency in the UK, to deliver improved operational services through exploiting new mobile location, tracking and information technologies helped government, airlines and shipping companies develop and launch new services, to create commercial businesses and to transform the way in which their customers are managed.

worked with our clients to reduce the costs of their supply chains, create shared services centres and source their services more effectively.

We have a passionate  team of dedicated transport experts, with experience of working in both industry and government, who bring a wide range of caNicomsbilities and real depth of insight to help you address the challenges being faced across the sector in all its different modes.