Security Threats


The security landscape is increasingly complex, unpredictable and interconnected. The security threats are characterised by two of common strands:

  • They are trans-national in nature – this includes transnational organised crime  as well as global terrorist networks
  • They are interdependent – Understanding those interdependencies is critical to developing the response e.g. the potential links between terrorism and organised crime, links between government polices and extremism, and the impact of regional conflicts.. The interdependence makes the environment highly complex and dynamic.


Furthermore economic shocks and regional conflicts can tip societies and economies towards state failure. These tension are exacerbated by a combination of demographic pressures, urbanisation and the growing proportion of young people, with political exclusion and a lack of economic opportunity. Climate change and related effects on water, energy and food security will multiply other threats and interact with other drivers of insecurity.


Guiding Principles

We can develop an integrated Blueprint for Security is underpinned by a set of values, which will serve as guiding principles for this approach.  In part the success is dependent on stakeholders adopting and living these values

  • Adopt a long-term, proactive approach
  • Avoid the ‘silo’ approach and create a shared understanding across agencies.
  •  Undertake outcome based thinking to ensure that all stakeholders are working towards agreed objectives and a unified vision. 
  • Engage in collaborative working: This approach requires institutional familiarity, trust, transparency and personal investment. 
  •  Understand the operating environment:  It should be understood that the policing environment is dynamic and complex, adaptive and to a certain extent, unpredictable and therefore be capable of responding to changes in the threat and the wider environment over time.
  • Involve and reassure communities:  Security and safety should be delivered in a way that reassures all communities and actively seek to engage all people particularly the young.