Protecting Major Cities – An Integrated Blueprint for Security


The complex interdependence of the environment in an increasingly interconnected world provides a powerful argument for the need for a holistic, integrated approach to security to, pulling together expertise and experience across government agencies to produce a coherent response to the security challenges of the twenty-first century. The ability of a security service and its partners to fully respond to risks requires an integrated approach to an overall policing system that bring together staff capabilities, police processes and supporting technologies. The holistic approach to security covers:



?    Business Continuity and emergency response management

?    Critical National Infrastructure policing

?    Serious and organised crime

?    Counter-terrorism and extremism

?    Impacts of global instability and conflicts

?    Public order events


Integrated Command and Control Centre (IC3)


The Integrated Command and Control Centre (IC³) will deliver a unified and scalable framework for the preparation and execution of plans in an overall security strategy and the Concept of Operation and will allow operational flexibility to effectively manage multi-agency responses from the entire spectrum of capabilities and resources across the security communities. The challenge is to integrate the different types of management systems and approaches utilised by different partners into a comprehensive and unified response to meet the unique needs and requirements of each incident. The IC³ will be the focal point for strategic delivery of a security operation and will be able coordinate the deployment specific specialist strategic or national assets to support tactical operations as required.


Establishing an Overall Security Footprint


Establishing a multi-dimensional security footprint is critical to any policing operation.  It cannot just be restricted to internal issues; it will require all external and international dependencies to be factored in.  This footprint forms the basis for all its resilience and business continuity planning.  It is from that baseline that real time one off operations or ongoing actions can be supported. It will underpin the performance needs analysis which should determine training provision. An often overlooked benefit is that it aids future development of a city, as it expands and develops security is embedded from the outset and not merely an adjunct.  Lastly, it allows for the intelligent deployment of existing resources making them more effective whilst maintaining costs.


Key components of the Integrated Security Environment



Protecting Major CitiesThe complexity of the security environment places huge demands on the capability and capacity levels of all partner agencies where success is critically dependent on the strong leadership operating within that framework.  A pivotal factor in delivering a safe, secure and resilient city security is having robust command cadres in place to accommodate the demands of not only study state business as usual but also any public order or critical incidents.


Along with establishing a security footprint and an IC³, an integrated security strategy for a major city needs to address transport security, critical national infrastructure, capability and capacity development that include command leadership, operational processes, proactive intelligence as well as an integrated technology infrastructure that underpins the effective implementation of the strategy.


Our Approach


We have undertaken strategic assessments and delivered significant and complex change programmes within the security and policing environments. Our knowledge and experience of working with the UK Police Services as well as other national security agencies and organisations will allow us to be productive from the start. We combine strategic and operational consulting capability with the experience of delivering large-scale projects. From our long-term engagements and first-hand experience, we have built up an exceptional understanding of the issues involved in developing strategy, designing and delivering operational solutions; whilst respecting your culture and governance. 


We would undertake a confidential assessment that would include:


»    Detailed understanding of the vision and the strategy

»    Review of the current strategic and tactical plans

»    Review of the current management and business processes

»    Review of the business continuity and contingency plans.

»    An assessment of the technological infrastructure

»    An assessment of critical incident management facilities, processes and command structures.


From the understanding of your current environment, we will work with you to develop an integrated security strategy for your city and develop an security and implementation plan to deliver the strategy.