Diploma - Innovation and Change Management  


The Diploma Innovation and Change Management is aimed at developing the capabilities and skills of managers and provides them with professional tools to lead innovation and change in their organisations. The programme will develop competencies for you to be able to scan the business environment, identify and evaluate trends within and outside of your organisation and to ensure that innovation is built into the vision and strategy for the organisation

The programme develops the role of the Innovation Leader as well as the qualities and interpersonal skills needed to undertake the role. It will provide tools for individuals to develop organisation’s innovation strategy and put in place initiatives and activities to encourage the organisation to embrace the concept of innovation. The programme provides personal and professional communication skills to direct lead and encourage colleagues involved in innovation and change. 

The programme is aimed a people with significant experience within their organisation of the opportunities presented by innovation and the need to lead change effectively.  The syllabus assumes that the candidate will have a good general grounding in management principles, theories and practices.

Course Content

  • The innovation leader
  • Innovation within the organisation’s business strategy
  • The development of an innovation culture
  • The innovation process
  • Developing the business case
  • Effective innovation leadership
  • Commercialisation and market launch
  • Innovation Project


Entry Requirements

It is expected that you already be of graduate calibre to commence this programme. The course director will also take into account your management experience.


Awarding Body

Chartered Management Institute – United Kingdom.